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Provencal herbs were originally used for medicinal purposes and integrated into the local cuisine for this reason. Therefore they can used as essential oils or in infusions, as well as in the kitchen.
"Pebre d'ai" is called "sarriette" in French and 'savory' in English,
"farigoule' is "thym" in French and "thyme" in English.
A traditional French bouquet garni contains thyme, bay and parsley, but a Provencal one is made up of thyme, rosemary and bay.
There are at least 800 sorts of sage around the world, but the best for cooking and infusions is salvia officinalis.
'True' lavender was originally a wild plant. Lavandin is a hybrid of true lavender and lavender aspic.

Common origano is only found in the wild, and marjoram origano or garden marjoram is a cultivated. The two plants look like each other but do not have the same tast
The best time for harvesting is the point in time when the plants have the most essential oil, and therefore the most scent and taste, which comes after a three-week period of hot, dry weather.

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